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5 Benefits of Aging

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Apr 11, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Seniors_fun_beach-LR.jpgTo list only five ways we get better with age means neglecting to mention an innumerable number of others. Of course there are some ways we decline with age, but not to the extent with which we can improve ourselves - the x factor, being our desires to make ourselves so.

Health and physical weakness comes to mind when we think of disadvantages to getting older, but by taking care of oneself in all the ways we have been taught since we were children, we can slow those down, all the while benefiting from our advancing age.

1. Intelligence

Well, obviously, as we age, we accumulate knowledge from our experiences. We learn everyday of our lives, and so long as there are no concurrent mental frailties, we can expect to continuously learn until we cease to live.

2. Stronger Habits

As you age, you subconsciously learn yourself, and can thus tame inner strife. Sleeping becomes easier (for a time) as one becomes used to tuning out disturbances and synchronizing more easily to their natural cycles.

3. A Lifetime of Memories and Relationships

Unless you've had a Game of Thrones level of tragedy in your life, you'll have likely made and kept a number of healthy relationships and a lifetime of memories - worth keeping for almost anybody.

4. Inner Harmony

You've been alive awhile now, and have formed your own code of ethics. You know what you believe to be right, and now have likely fewer regrets than you did when you were younger, owing to your definition of morality.

5. Physical Immunity

Sometimes allergies subside or we strengthen ourselves from common illness to the point they no longer affect us. Studies show that migraines diminish. While our bones and organs may weaken, we build strength against other maladies.

Also, keep in mind that while you may be getting more wrinkles while aging, you're probably well past being covered in acne and all the other embarrassing things from your youth.

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