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Alexa: A Digital Friend for your Loved One with Dementia

Posted by Ruby Cemental on May 9, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Senior_with_dementia_LR.jpgWhen your loved one has dementia it is hard for them, as well as for their family and caretakers. Those struggling with dementia may have a difficult time with memory, keeping focus and caring for themselves. Amazon's new home companion, Alexa, may be a great tool in the care of your senior with dementia. 

Alexa is voice activated, so all they have to do is say her name. Here are some ways Alexa can help your loved one. 

Alexa, remind me to....

 One way that Alexa could be a huge asset to seniors with dementia is the fact that it can take notes, create calendar appointments and remind you of tasks that need to be done or special events. 

 Alexa, what is .....

 Memory is one of the most frustrating aspects of dementia. Alexa can, in a way, be your loved one's memory. From trivial facts to important dates, Alexa can remember information and easily provide it when they need it most. 

Alexa, help me.....

If a safety issue arises, such as a fall or other accident, Alexa can easily call the authorities or a family member to help.

Alexa, call....

Alexa can place phone calls and send text messages to family members and friends. The ease of social connection can provide peace of mind for loved ones and a feeling of connectedness for the senior. 

Alexa, I'm bored....

Alexa can provide entertainment and ways for your senior to work their memory skills. It is thought that brain teasers, jokes, and other brain puzzles can help stave off some of the effects of dementia. 

While a digital companion will never replace human companionship, Alexa and other similar products may be a useful tool to help seniors with dementia. At Caring Senior Service, our expert staff is comprised of extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and trusted professionals who take pride in helping your loved one manage their daily activities. Contact us today to learn more!

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